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How to negotiate a child custody schedule that works for everyone

Family courts in Minnesota look out for the best interests of the child—as do most parents. But would you consider pulling your child into battle to be in their best interests?

Some 1.5 million children in the U.S. are affected by divorce. Research has shown that high levels of conflict between parents—both during and after the divorce—contribute to poorer adjustment in children. Spare your children unnecessary drama by finding a way to avoid litigation. Find a way to agree.

Too scared to go home: FAQ on protective orders

The world can be a dangerous place, but sometimes the things that we are most scared of exist in our own homes.

For you, that may be the case. Just like any parent, you want what is best for you and your children. It's clear that your husband loves your children and vice versa, but you think his addiction problems are getting worse. When he drinks, his behavior frightens you and your kids. You've thought about divorce, but you're scared how he'd react if you tried to bring it up and you don't want to jeopardize your family's safety.

How Can Attorney-Client Privilege Help You In A Divorce?

One of the essential ingredients for a successful resolution of a divorce is attorney-client privilege. Here’s a definition of the term, and ways to fully utilize it to your advantage when going through a divorce settlement process.

The Basics

How does child custody work in Minnesota?

Divorce is always difficult, emotionally and financially. When children are involved these and many other issues are heightened. Even in the most difficult divorce at some point a plan has to be in place for the best interests of the children.

If you are considering a divorce, or have been served notice that it has been filed, it is important to know how it may proceed for both you and your children. With the right support you can get through this and have a better life. The custody battles will be resolved, even in high conflict cases.

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