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Van Valkenburg Law May 5, 2022

Perhaps you are experiencing a family law-related issue and are now wondering what Van Valkenburg Law can do for you. We are so glad you found our Minneapolis-based law office. We want to support you during this time by offering the highest level of family law expertise available in your area.

What Is the Purpose of Having a Family Law Matters Attorney?

Having a specialized family lawyer has numerous benefits. No matter the case, entering a family court without representation brings challenges and stress.

The most common reason for a family law matters attorney is divorce. If you or an acquaintance is planning on moving forward with a divorce, note that seeking support from a family lawyer is a critical first step in this process. Once you have filed the paperwork for divorce, you will need to serve your spouse a copy of the divorce papers. Let a professional, objective third-party take on the task of serving divorce papers. This will minimize stress during a likely highly emotional time. Considering the pressures of life that come with a divorce, stress, during this time, should be highly managed. Not to mention, we will handle all your paperwork and prepare you to achieve the most satisfactory outcome in the division of assets. It is also ideal to have our team do any necessary discovery on your spouse. This will be required for collecting all necessary documentation and information from your spouse. We can also assist in mediation, which may save immensely on stress and expenses. At Van Valkenburg Law, we offer all this support and much more for our clients proceeding with a divorce.

There are also many reasons your divorce may be additionally arduous than a typical divorce case. In these instances, it is even more important that you hire a divorce lawyer. Generally, the most complex divorce cases are 'high-net-worth' divorces. Although we urge you to hire a qualified divorce lawyer in any divorce case, these particularly challenging high-net-worth cases require especially extensive legal aid. A high-net-worth divorce occurs when the separating individuals own a high total value in assets. The divorcing spouses might own extensive property and typically have a more complicated financial situation than in traditional divorces. Because a 'high-net-worth' divorce usually includes multiple assets and large estates, it is imperative to hire a divorce lawyer in these instances. With so much potential for loss in these proceedings, it is vital to protect your assets and children with support from a divorce lawyer. Therefore, even if you suspect you may have an extremely complicated divorce in your hands, our team in Minneapolis, MN is here to serve you.

Is Child Custody a Concern Right Now?

Many times, divorce and child custody battles are happening together. Our best lawyer for family law in Minneapolis can also offer assistance in child custody matters. Without adequate legal representation for child custody, countless possible hurdles may arise. Having expert legal support ensures efficiency and increases your chances of reaching your desired outcome. In Minnesota, judges consider 13 factors when deciding on an adequate custody arrangement. Meeting these standards is one aspect, but proving them in court is another matter. However, this is exactly where our team shines and makes your life less stressful. The outlined standards for custody in Minneapolis, MN are comprehensive and include many factors that are often difficult to prove when challenged. For example, if your divorcing spouse is claiming that you are unable to teach your child about their culture, it can be extremely difficult to make a compelling case against that. The process of a child custody case brings on a lot of pressure for someone trying to get through it alone. We understand that this is likely an already emotionally difficult time. Save the peace of mind and rely on the best lawyer for divorce and child custody near you.

Our skilled child custody lawyer has practiced family law since 1983. Knowledge of child custody laws and experience navigating the family court is the substance of Van Valkenburg Law. You can trust us to advocate for and defend the best interests of your children and yourself.

Why Van Valkenburg Law?

Family law matters attorney, Jane Van Valkenburg, has practiced law for over 36 years. Van Valkenburg Law has had excellent client reviews since it started its operation over 20 years ago. This fact is no surprise when one considers the high level of compassion and authenticity demonstrated on behalf of the leading attorney at Van Valkenburg Law. During her meetings with clients, Jane strongly believes in individualizing the consultation experience as much as possible. She accomplishes this personalized approach by exercising her strong attention to detail and recognizing precisely how to meet clients where they currently are. Her client relationship is far more than a business transaction. She understands the impact and value of legal protection for members of the Minneapolis community. Therefore, she chooses to treat her clients like family. For relatable representation and a client-focused legal team, Van Valkenburg Law is honored to serve you.