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Family Law in Edina, MN

Van Valkenburg Law May 5, 2022

Family is a subject that most people want to keep private to some degree. At the very least, people want to be able to handle family matters on their own terms. Marriage and starting a family are two of the most intimate experiences in life, so it’s absolutely understandable not to want to have an external force decide what’s best for your marriage or your family. Thankfully, many families and married couples will never have to grapple with the legal system to handle domestic matters.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Some marriages simply reach an impasse and have to end. There are many reasons for a marriage to run its course, even if both parties put in lots of hard work, and even if both people in the couple still love each other. Sometimes, the best thing for everyone involved is the end of the marriage and the initiation of a divorce.

Every divorce, like every marriage, is different. In addition to factors like whether or not there are children involved, and what assets there are to divide, there are more subjective issues like how much anger or other emotions may be involved, and how willing each side is to cooperate with the other. Even totally amicable divorces can be complicated and difficult to navigate legally without help. This is even more true for less amicable divorces, where an ex-partner may be complicating the process in addition to the usual legal frustrations.

Getting divorced, pursuing custody arrangements, and other aspects of family law are already emotionally charged and can be absolutely overwhelming to a layperson. When you are going through the process, it can feel like you are up against unfair odds, and like you are in this fight on your own.

However, if you’re in Edina, MN or the greater Minnesota area, there’s good news: you don’t have to do this alone. Let Jane Van Valkenburg help.

Attorney Jane Van Valkenburg is an accomplished, knowledgeable attorney who has been practicing law in Minnesota for over 36 years. Starting in general practice, Attorney Van Valkenburg pivoted to pursue her passion for supporting families in transition in Edina, the Twin Cities, and greater Minnesota. Every day, she brings her invaluable experience and sterling reputation to the table to give her clients a leg up in any family law proceeding.

Jane embraces her role as a source of support and comfort to her clients, who are often going through the most difficult periods of their lives. To her, cases are not just cases. She intimately understands that every family law case involves exactly that: a family. Each family deserves a healthy, safe, and happy future, and Ms. Van Valkenburg serves as a fierce advocate for those futures.

Jane Van Valkenburg offers many services related to family law, including:

  • Divorce: Divorce is rough on everyone involved, but Jane seeks to make it as easy and painless as possible. She handles all of the legal processes of marriage dissolution, including issues like asset division and spousal support/alimony.

  • Custody: Custody is often a complicating factor in divorce proceedings. Jane has years of experience handling custody matters and ensuring that the best outcome for the children is implemented by the courts. She will guide you through every part of the process, from negotiating with your ex-spouse to fighting for your goals in court. She also handles post-decree modifications, which can be made in the event that needs change or co-parents fail to hold up their end of any given deal.

  • Child Support: Another crucial part of any divorce that involves children is child support. If two parents are living and able to support a child, there is no reason why one parent should be forced to cover the child’s financial needs on their own. Jane is well versed at implementing fair, actionable child support plans that will make sure the child or children in question are cared for by both of their parents.

  • Mediation: Jane firmly believes that many family law cases can be saved the time and expense of courtroom litigation, and can instead be handled through mediation. This process offers ex-partners who are more open to negotiation a way to cut down on their legal fees and reach more relaxed, mutually beneficial agreements.

  • Domestic Abuse/Order of Protection: In some cases, one partner poses a significant risk to another, and the partner at risk needs the protection of the law. Jane is no stranger to this kind of adverse situation and can ensure that any threatened party gets the protection—both short term and long term—that they deserve.

  • Adoption: One of the happier services in family law involves bringing new family members into the fold. Though adoption is joyful, the legal process involved can be onerous and complicated. Jane is an experienced adoption attorney and knows how to facilitate the process so you can get your whole family legally recognized and start or continue your lives together.

If you are in Edina or greater Minnesota and need an outstanding family lawyer, look no further. Call (952) 206-6620 or visit Jane Van Valkenburg’s website for a free, personalized consultation on your case.