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Child Support Attorney in Edina, Minnesota

After a divorce, when kids are involved, child support is an essential yet complex legal process that can have a great influence on children's well-being. To protect both your child’s best interests and your needs, a critical action you can take today is to talk with a skilled child support attorney. 

Just as your children evolve, so do their needs. And as life goes on, so do your circumstances change. These dynamics of life make altering child support contributions an inevitable occurrence for co-parents everywhere. Nevertheless, the legal process of determining, enforcing, or modifying child support can be frustrating and complicated to navigate, which is why you should enlist the assistance of an empathetic and experienced family law attorney. 

I’m Jane Van Valkenburg, Esq. and I’m passionate about tending to the needs of Minnesota families so that they can progress happily in life. Whether you’re looking to enforce child support payments from your child’s parent or seeking to modify your support agreement, I’m here to advocate for you. I extend my child support and other legal services to those living throughout Edina and Minneapolis, Minnesota, as well as the residents of Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Dakota County, and Carver County. Contact me at my firm — Van Valkenburg Law, LLC — to get started.

Child Support Guidelines in Minnesota

The calculated amount of child support that a judge orders primarily depends on a series of circumstances, outlined by the Minnesota child support guidelines. These guidelines call into question the following factors:

  • Your financial situation, as well as that of your child’s other parent

  • The number of children who require support

  • Your child’s physical, emotional, and educational needs

  • Your child’s standard of living (if you’re currently living with your child’s other parent)

While these provide some set parameters for the judge to follow, Minnesota’s guidelines allow for some flexibility when necessary to ensure that your children’s needs are properly met. This means that the judge overseeing the case has the leverage to increase or decrease the amount of support a parent pays after weighing all the factors at play. I can help go over each of these variables, estimate how much you are likely to pay, and explain how your taxes may be affected. You have the right to fully understand how decisions that involve the well-being of your child and your finances are made. To discuss the intricacies of your case, reach out to me today and schedule your free consultation.

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Child Support Case

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Versatile & Experienced

As an experienced family law attorney in Edina, Minnesota, I’ve always seen a value in accepting a variety of cases. Exercising versatility within my family law focus helps me deeply understand where people in different situations are coming from. Not to mention, it empowers me with a growth mindset, making me an empathetic legal partner devoted to your success. When it comes to child support, I represent clients in cases of both child support enforcement and child support modifications. 

Child Support Enforcement

These cases arise when a parent fails to pay their court-ordered child support amount and they can result in serious consequences for the non-custodial parent. If you cease to pay child support, you risk losing your driver’s license, diminishing your credit score, having valuable assets taken away, and — in some cases — jail time. Financial setbacks happen to even the hardest working parents, so if you owe child support, contacting a skilled and trusted attorney can help you get back on track with a reasonable payment plan. 

Child Support Modification

Child support payment amounts are often modified when extraneous factors like illness, injuries, or job loss impact a parent’s ability to pay what they owe. If an event beyond your control has set you back financially, it’s in the best interest of you and your child to get in contact with an attorney as soon as possible. When you work with me, I will thoroughly review your situation, prepare the necessary paperwork, and formulate a proposed plan that suits the needs of your family, keeping you well informed every step of the way.

Custom Solutions for Minnesota Families

Throughout my more than 35 years of experience, I’ve handled a wide range of family law proceedings, including divorce, and child custody. In all of my practice areas, I get to help families overcome some of the greatest challenges they’ve ever faced. Cases of child support enable me to advocate for the current and future prosperity of children like yours. If you have a child support dispute or question that you need to be handled, please don’t hesitate to contact my Edina, Minnesota law firm today.