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Adoption Attorney in Edina, Minnesota

A wonderful way to grow your household, adoption permanently places a child (or, in some cases, an adult) into the home of a loving family. While it may be one of the happier realms of family law, adoption is still a complex and delicate legal process that is best approached with an experienced adoption attorney by your side. For more than three decades, I’ve been representing families in a variety of legal matters, helping them effectively navigate the uncharted territory that surrounds major life transitions. If you’re getting ready to take the next step toward expanding your family through adoption, reach out to me at my Edina, Minnesota law office today to get a free consultation. 

When you work with me, my services don’t stop at simply helping you file the necessary paperwork and skillfully representing you in court; I provide you with the empathetic legal counsel and sound, reliable advice that you deserve from start to finish. Enlist my extensive experience and creative litigation approach, and together, I know we can find a path that leads to success for your growing family.

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What Type of Adoption is Best for You?

When it comes to adopting a child in Minnesota, you have multiple options and pathways to consider. I proudly provide legal assistance for families who utilize any of the following forms of adoption:

  • Relative or kinship adoption

  • Step-parent adoption

  • Agency adoption

  • Private adoption

  • International or intercountry adoption

  • Adult adoption

Perhaps you’ve already made the decision to adopt and know which route you plan to take, but don’t know where to go from here. The good news is that you don’t have to embark on your journey alone. I’m passionate about helping families grow, and I’m ready to advocate for you. Partner with an experienced and trustworthy attorney to represent you throughout this pivotal and exciting time in your life.

All things considered, I understand that no two adoption scenarios are alike. Maybe you and the other parent of your child are in disagreement about placing your child for adoption, contesting an adoption, or your child has been adopted and you’re curious about your visiting rights. My legal services cater to you as well. If you live in or near Edina or Minneapolis, Minnesota, are planning to adopt, or have any questions regarding adoption, please reach out to me today.  

What to Expect: Court Procedures for Adopting a Child

Minnesota law requires adoptions to be filed in a court setting to ensure the adopted child’s best interests and rights are protected. The exact process that you will follow in court depends on what type of adoption you will be filing; but, generally speaking, you can expect to undergo the following steps:

  1. You will file your adoption case in your county’s juvenile court.

  2. You, the petitioner, must file a petition and a proposed adoption decree. There could be other documents required at this stage, like written consents, based on the nature of your adoption.

  3. Your home study and background check will be conducted. This step can take between three and six months to complete because, understandably, caseworkers must be extremely thorough. 

  4. If/when your home study and background check all pass, there will be a hearing before a judge. If the judge grants your petition, you will be issued a court order for adoption.

While every adoption case is different, I’d assert that diligent preparation, effective communication, and skilled legal guidance are the pillars to successful outcomes. Choose me as your adoption attorney in Edina, Minnesota, and experience the impact that a passionate, knowledgeable advocate can have on the future of your family. 

Personalized Legal Solutions for Your Family

I handle a wide range of family law proceedings, including divorce, child custody, and support. In all of my practice areas, I’m fortunate enough to help reinstate a sense of hope for families and individuals overcoming some of the greatest challenges they’ve ever encountered. Adoption is special to me because I get to channel my skillset into connecting children with loving families and prosperous upbringings. Opportunities like these are closely aligned with my passion to help families grow and reach their goals, which is why I’m committed to creating custom legal strategies for you and any clients throughout Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Dakota County, and Carver County. If you’re seeking to adopt, enlist my versatile experience and empathetic support today. Call now for a free consultation.