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Family Law

I practice family law. I work with families through litigation, mediation or collaboration as they face the major change in their family structure.

Family law frequently encompasses many very difficult and emotional issues, including divorce, separation, child custody, paternity, adoption, parental rights, spousal support, child support, and parenting time. When you are dealing when such delicate and personal events in Edina, MN, it is incredibly important to have a family law attorney you can trust at your side… Read more


When it comes to divorce, Minnesota is an equitable division state, which means something different for each family, depending on all the circumstances. In an equitable division state, a judge will divide the property in a way that the court considers to be fair to each party but may not necessarily be exactly equal… Read more


Family law deals with some of the most stressful events that will ever occur in an individual’s life. These are emotional times that can be incredibly difficult and inspire less than ideal behavior from otherwise mature adults. If you have children, you must have a child custody attorney on your team in your Edina, MN case; a family law case should never be handled on your own… Read more