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Custody is the most difficult area of practice, as children are the most important part of the family to parents. Family law deals with some of the most stressful events that will ever occur in an individual’s life. These are emotional times that can be incredibly difficult and inspire less than ideal behavior from otherwise mature adults. If you have children, you must have a child custody attorney on your team in your Edina, MN case; a family law case should never be handled on your own.

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The family law attorneys at Van Valkenburg Law are experienced in handing delicate issues like child custody, separation, divorce, alimony, and visitation rights with compassionate expert care. Most people are not comfortable sharing the private details of their marriage with someone they have only just met. It is important to find a divorce attorney you can trust to handle your case in Hennepin County, MN discreetly.

A skilled and experienced child custody attorney in Edina, MN can put you at ease and protect your legal rights. Family law cases are simply too important to be left in the hands of just any attorney. If you are facing a divorce, separation, custody dispute, or issues regarding child support or alimony, call Van Valkenburg Law and speak to one of our Hennepin County family law lawyers about your case. You will not regret investing in an attorney who will make sure that your interests are represented in family law court.