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Honesty is key during the divorce process

Honesty is an admirable character trait. Healthy relationships oftentimes grow on the foundation of such integrity. Telling the truth gives us credibility and builds up respect. Unfortunately, divorce changes things. It’s natural for spouses to shift into a protective mode. A lot can be at stake, especially when high assets and child custody is involved. Even someone with the strictest of moral standards could fall vulnerable to a few white lies in the process. But a few “innocent” lies here and there could drastically affect the outcome.

Stay-at-home moms must protect their finances in a divorce

When you and your husband had children, you decided to stay home to take care of them and tend to the house. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave your career, but you felt that it was the best option for your family. Now, you and your husband are going through a divorce—and your financial future looks very uncertain.

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