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A good parenting plan can make going back to school easier 

You tried your best to make your marriage work for the kids. Now you’re getting a divorce and wondering what’s going to happen when school starts again. By making a parenting schedule, you and your ex can have time with your kids and a schedule that works for everyone.  

Creating this plan is an important part of your divorce. It can make the process easier for you and your kids.

How a parenting schedule helps 

Putting your plan in writing will establish terms you and your ex agree on now. It will also help lay the foundation for successful family negotiations in the future, if things change. Having a set schedule for after school and the weekends will help your children adjust to your new co-parenting scenario.  

Depending on your relationship with your ex, sitting down with them and a calendar to try to make a parenting schedule could go a number of ways. It can get complex, which is why some might bring a lawyer with them to negotiate the schedule.  

If you move too quickly with making a schedule—without considering its implications—the schedule will become incorporated into your divorce agreement and hard to adjust later. Taking the time to create a schedule that works for both of you will prevent problems further down the road.  

Parenting schedule tips 

Making a parenting schedule may seem daunting at first. Here are some things to think about when making your schedule: 

  • Equal time: Even if you’re not getting along with your ex, your children still benefit from a relationship with each of their parents. Try to settle on a schedule where you each get to see your kids often.
  • School schedules: It’s worthwhile for your parenting plan to cover logistics surrounding school and extracurricular activities. Define who is responsible for picking up or dropping off your kids for each event.
  • Dividing holidays: The question of who gets the kids on holidays could be a point of contention. By deciding to split the holidays, each of you will have memories to make with your kids. 

You may be nervous about your kids going back to school while you and your ex are divorcing. By working together with your ex, you can create a schedule to help your children make an easy transition into going back to school.  

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