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How do money problems contribute to divorce?

Even if you both have the best intentions, you and your spouse may fight over money. You might not have kids, but money issues can still cause problems in your relationship.

There are many money-related problems you could encounter in your marriage, and it’s possible these concerns could lead you towards a divorce. What are scenarios where money can become an issue in your marriage?

Finances are causing stress

According to a recent survey, finances are the largest cause of relationship stress. 35% of the respondents said that money was the main cause of their relationship stress. For couples between 44 to 54, 44% claimed money was the biggest point of contention.

Irresponsible spending

The most common financial reason for divorce is spending money irresponsibly. Seeing that your spouse is being frivolous with their finances can be upsetting and frustrating. 

A paper written by an Academic named Jeffrey Dew about couples and spending made some interesting discoveries. According to the article, spouses who believe that their partner spends money unreasonably have a 45% higher risk of divorce.

Different styles of handling money

They say that opposites attract. This can also be true financially speaking, where you and your spouse have different philosophies when it comes to money. Trying to change your spouse’s way of handling money can cause tension in the relationship.

A lack of planning

Many couples try to manage their finances on their own. This can lead to confusion and miscommunication.

Some couples combine their money and others do not. You may have your finances in order, but your spouse’s finances could be all over the place. Without a financial planner to work with and organize both of your assets, you may be on totally different pages. This misunderstanding could cause conflicts where one party sees the other as irresponsible, which could create animosity.

If you’re not seeing eye to eye with your spouse about finances, your relationship may be starting to deteriorate. If you can’t find ways to compromise, this lack of understanding could lead your marriage into divorce.

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