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Your spouse had an affair, what happens next?

It is no secret that infidelity can make a marriage fall apart. Finding out your partner is having an affair can be devastating and you may not know what your life should look like next. Should you work it out with your partner or end your relationship? What should you do now?

Give yourself time to cope

Discovering your partner is having an affair is a big emotional blow. You will need time to process what happened. Know that your partner’s infidelity is not your fault and try to accept the reality of what is happening. You can take time to yourself during this time. Focus on yourself and how you can recover.

You might want to avoid social media for a time and talk to a trained professional about what you are feeling. This is a difficult situation to handle but you should make sure you are in good mental health before making any decisions.

Evaluate the situation

Now you may be wondering how you should proceed with your life. You should take some time to evaluate all your options before making any decisions. Examine all sides of the situation at hand, think about your family, your kids, and look at all the potential outcomes.

You may need to reevaluate your relationship with your spouse and think about whether or not you want to continue being married. You can consider couples therapy, or other methods of remediation. However, one of the options you might be considering is divorce.

Being betrayed can have a lasting effect on your relationship and your family, but you may think going through a divorce will be too difficult, too stressful and you may never fully recover. If you decide to go through with a divorce, you should know there is light at the other side of the tunnel.

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