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Honesty is key during the divorce process

Honesty is an admirable character trait. Healthy relationships oftentimes grow on the foundation of such integrity. Telling the truth gives us credibility and builds up respect. Unfortunately, divorce changes things. It’s natural for spouses to shift into a protective mode. A lot can be at stake, especially when high assets and child custody is involved. Even someone with the strictest of moral standards could fall vulnerable to a few white lies in the process. But a few “innocent” lies here and there could drastically affect the outcome.

Tell the truth, and the whole truth

Your lawyer’s job is to create a strong case for you. They prepare evidence, arrange witnesses and carefully organize information. Each step in the divorce process holds meaning. Your lawyer wants to trust you, and they also want the judge to trust you. Your spouse and their attorney are in the same boat. There’s a good chance anything you cover up will appear in court, courtesy of the opposing side.

There’s no need to feel bashful or embarrassed: your attorney has seen it all. Any affairs, whether on your side or your spouse’s, should pass on to your lawyer. In addition, all assets need to be disclosed. Nothing more, nothing less. Since Minnesota is an equitable division state, all assets in a marriage are subject to a fair division in divorce court. If hidden assets are discovered, even after the divorce, the case can be reopened due to fraud. This will cost you hefty legal feels.

Its possible to be too nice

On the other hand, being too nice also backfires. Minnesotans are known for their passive aggressiveness and polite demeanor. It’s tempting to hold back information, oftentimes when that information would harm your spouse. Regardless, it’s vital that your attorney knows about domestic violence, emotional abuse, drug use, or any other factors that affect child custody.

Your divorce attorney is best capable of helping you when you’re truthful. The American Bar Association holds all lawyers accountable for being honest. If the truth is revealed, and you are both on the wrong end of it, your case will face the consequences. To ensure their skills are utilized and your case reaches its full potential, remain transparent, forthcoming and truthful. In the long run, you will avoid running into serious problems.

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