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Can I take the kids to the cabin with my custody arrangement?

Summer in Minnesota means the kids are out of school. Boating, fishing and trips to the cabin are probably in your future. But will your custody agreement allow you to take your kids on vacation?

Vacation time is something you should consider when negotiating custody of your kids. There are a few different ways you can arrange vacation time in your custody agreement so you can take your kids on the fun vacations they want.

Specified and unspecified vacations

Two common kinds of vacation agreements in custody negotiation are specified and unspecified.

In a specified vacation arrangement you can set up certain dates each year for you to travel with your kids. For example, if you would like to take your kids up to the cabin over Memorial Day weekend every year, you can include that weekend in the vacation schedule.

Unspecified vacation arrangements give you more flexibility. In this type of agreement you can allot a number of days for vacation. For example, you could request 20 days per year for vacation time. Then you can take this time at any point during the year as long as you give the other parent notice in advance. This type of arrangement is helpful if your kids have a spring break that differs every year or your work schedule is erratic.

Other aspects of vacation arrangements

There are a few other guidelines you might want to include in a vacation agreement besides time.

You can include limitations on kinds of activities your kids can do or places your ex-spouse can take them. Maybe you do not want your children to leave the country with your ex-spouse, you can negotiate this in the agreement as well.

Makeup visitation something else you may want to discuss and include in this agreement. If your ex-spouse takes your kids on vacation during a time when you have custody, you can request to set up extra visitation with them to make up for the time lost.

Family vacation is a great part of your kids’ lives and this should change just because of split custody. Setting up vacation time in your custody agreement is simple. Communicate with your ex-spouse and set up an equitable arrangement so you both get quality time with your kids both at home and on vacations.

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