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But who takes the kids to hockey practice after the divorce?

Divorce can be stressful and impacts the entire family. You want to make the transition is as easy as possible on your children, and for them to know that both parents support them. Throughout your marriage you’ve been in charge of creating the master schedule of your household. Without it, getting your kids to and from hockey practice, school plays and slumber parties would be a disaster.

Now that you and your spouse will be separating the life you’ve built into two new paths, you may wonder how these new challenges affect your scheduling efforts. Is it possible to keep planning and executing your itinerary with ease?

A parenting plan could be the answer.

While Minnesota law doesn’t require couples to utilize a parenting plan, they are recognized and encouraged in certain situations. A parenting plan allows you and your spouse to discuss day to day schedules, long term goals and responsibilities. Together as parents, you can discuss who will be responsible for transporting the kids to practice and matches, how to administer reprimands when the kids get into trouble and other important items such, as religion and medical care.

How should you approach planning?

When you and your spouse set out to create a plan that is unique as your family, make sure you put your own negativity aside. Focus on what is best for your children and always take into account how they feel. As you talk through issues, make sure you consider how the two of you will remain consistent. If your child gets into trouble at school, you might ground them as punishment. Both parents must stick to the punishment, as to not send mixed signals or create favoritism.

With each item, don’t make convenience your top priority. Do look at logistics and consider all factors, but ensure that you are making the best choice for your family.

What if the plan just doesnt work out?

If you realize the plan just isn’t working, try to sit down and make changes. If you and your spouse run into larger issues that impact custody and visitation as decided through the court system, you should seek a professional advocate for advice.

Parenting plans are a great tool that can benefit every member of the family. As your family transitions into this new way of life, a parenting plan might be just what you need to relieve some concern.

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