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Facing divorce is more than just handling the legal details to end your marriage. There will be financial and emotional issues involved that may impact your life and the lives of your children forever. Getting the details right the first time is critical. For many of the issues, there will be no going back.

If you are considering filing for divorce in Minnesota, or perhaps have already been served papers by your spouse, it is no small event in your life. Take some time to process the reality, then talk to an experienced legal professional to learn more about protecting your interests.

I am attorney Jane Van Valkenburg, in Edina. I have been guiding people through the divorce process throughout my 33-year legal career. For the past 25 years, I have focused almost exclusively in the area of divorce and family law in Hennepin County and the seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area. Over the years, I have earned the highest professional credentials, including placement on the Minnesota Super Lawyers list for the past 10 years.

Empowering You With Information To Make The Right Decisions

While experience and peer recognition are important to earn your trust, nothing is more important than approaching the divorce process with a compassionate ear. I will start by listening to your concerns about your future and will clearly explain divorce laws in Minnesota. Together we will go over the process for filing in Hennepin County or any county in which you will be filing. Keeping clients empowered with knowledge and information is the greatest single advantage and benefit any lawyer can offer.

Let's Start By Sitting Down Together

You likely have dozens of questions right now, and I'm happy to answer them during a free consultation.

I will explain every detail of the three main issues often affecting divorce judgments in Minnesota, including:

Child Custody Agreements, Visitation Rights And Child Support Obligations

Custody does not mean ownership. I will explain the legal issues involved in sole and joint custody. Unless there are extenuating circumstances the court will take into consideration, such as domestic violence or substance abuse, both parents will have equal rights and will be expected to share in the health and welfare of their children.

Child support is not alimony. Minnesota applies a child support calculation based on the income of the parents, as well as other factors that may affect the obligation.

Equitable Distribution Of Marital Property, Including Conflicts Over High Assets

Many divorces begin with a formal separation agreement, which will also determine who will remain in the house and how finances will be handled throughout the divorce process. These separation agreements may or may not end up being the final divorce property judgment. Under Minnesota divorce laws, all property, assets and debts accumulated over the course of the marriage will be subject to valuation and distribution between the spouses.

Equitable distribution does not mean, however, that the property must be divided 50-50 down the middle. Parties may negotiate a settlement that both feel is fair and equitable, but the court will have the final say in adjudicating (approving) the agreement and handing down a final judgment.

Unless there is proven fraud, property judgments are final, so getting them right requires careful consideration. I work with independent experts, when necessary, to make sure every detail is accurate and accounted for.

Spousal Support, Temporary And Permanent Alimony

Except in cases of long-term marriage in which one spouse will be placed at a significant economic disadvantage because of the loss of the primary household income, permanent alimony is rarely considered. In many cases, the court will award a temporary maintenance arrangement, while one spouse finishes school or job training.

Common Sense Solutions First, But Willing To Fight In Court When Necessary

As in all areas of law, every aspect of divorce is open to negotiation and litigation. I work hard to find solutions that will meet my clients' needs and goals without the emotional and financial costs of a trial. Some issues, however, cannot be resolved outside of court. Over the course of my 33-year legal career, I have been in court hundreds of times, and I have an excellent record of aggressively protecting my clients' interests.

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