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Lawyer Protecting Custody And Visitation Rights

Minnesota has very specific laws regarding custody and parenting rights. Both in divorce and paternity disputes, it is necessary to remember that custody does not mean ownership of the child, nor is paying child support on time tied to visitation rights for the noncustodial parent. Courts expect the noncustodial parent to actively participate in raising the child, and also expect the custodial parent to grant full access to visitation rights awarded to the noncustodial parent.

Custody In Divorce

For many people, child custody is the most important issue to resolve during the divorce process. When both parents' egos are involved, it is often tempting to use the children as hostages. Parents need to remember that the courts will do everything they can to prevent children from suffering the fallout of their parents' animosity toward each other.

Custody In Paternity Disputes

In paternity matters not involving divorce, both biological parents have an equal right and obligation to be involved in their child's life. In order to uphold the rights, however, it is important for the father to prove paternity through the courts.

A Child Custody Attorney With Compassion And Understanding

If custody and visitation rights will be an important factor in your divorce or paternity matter in Hennepin County or the Twin Cities metropolitan area, it is important to hire a lawyer who understands the issues Minnesota courts take into consideration.

I am attorney Jane Van Valkenburg, in Edina. I offer more than a quarter century of experience in family law matters. I understand the emotional issues involved in custody disputes and take a compassionate approach to protecting my clients' rights, while always keeping children's best interests as the highest priority.

Services include:

  • Divorce agreements and litigation for joint or sole custody
  • High-conflict custody litigation
  • Paternity test litigation
  • Fathers' parenting time and child support obligations
  • Visitation rights and child support enforcement
  • Modifications of child support orders, visitation schedules and custody
  • Parenting rights for deployed service members
  • Visitation and custody rights for grandparents and extended family members
  • Guardianship
  • Issues involving domestic violence


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